Birthday Cakes 4 Free
San Antonio, TX Chapter

How You Can Help

Birthday Cakes 4 Free San Antonio, Texas Chapter is      operated & supported entirely by our wonderful volunteers.

We do accept donations to help fund our local chapter, but donations are not limited to money. Here are a few different ways you can help:


1. Volunteer to bake cakes. 

You do not need to be a professional baker or cake decorator.  All you need is a passion for baking and bringing joy to children who may not otherwise get to celebrate their birthdays. You can choose how many cakes you would like to help with each month. Baking and decorating just one cake is a big help!


2. Donate a store bought cake to gift to a child in need. 

If you don't have time to bake a cake yourself, consider purchasing one at a local store or bakery to give to a child. All we ask is that it is personalized for the individual child and includes their name, favorite colors, etc.                         Contact us for a list of upcoming cakes that are needed.


3. Volunteer to deliver cakes. 

Sometimes a family may not have transportation or another volunteer may be able to bake a cake, but not deliver it. We often meet clients and social workers in public places to get the cake to the child.


4. Donate gift cards to places such H-E-B, Target, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Jo-Ann's, or AGS Cake Supplies. 

These will be used to help purchase ingredients, cake pans, decorations, packaging, etc. Please remember, there is no such thing as too small of a donation.                   A box of cake mix costs as little as $1.00.


5.  Clip Sunday coupons.  

If you clip and mail us coupons (for boxes of cake mix, frosting, sugar, eggs, vanilla, etc.) we will be able to make our money go even further.


6. Donate non-perishable baking goods 

such as cake mixes, frosting, powdered sugar, oil, Wilton character pans (new or gently used), sprinkles, decorations, candles, cake boxes, cake boards, etc.


7. Donate money 

to help maintain the website, purchase ingredients and packaging materials.

You can also make a monetary donation through paypal. IMPORTANT: Please specify that you'd like your donation to go to the San Antonio Chapter by clicking on the "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" link on the review page (before clicking the donate $now button) and typing your request in the box that appears.

If you would like more information on making a donation of any kind, please contact Christy at or leave a message at (210) 859-6804.  Coupons and gift cards can be mailed to PO Box 173, Bulverde, TX 78163 - please be sure to include your name and address so we can send you a thank you!  

Monetary donations are tax deductible and we are willing to pick them up to save you the time & gas! 

Thank you for your support!