Birthday Cakes 4 Free
San Antonio, TX Chapter

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We strive for excellence in providing this free service.  If at any time you have a problem or any questions, please contact either our San Antonio, Texas Chapter Coordinator or our founder for assistance. 

Kids + Birthday Cakes = SMILES :)

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Birthday Cakes 4 Free San Antonio, TX Chapter

For questions or information about volunteering,
donations, or nominating a child, please contact:
Chapter Coordinator
Christy Galindo
PO Box 173, Bulverde, TX 78163
Or leave a message at (210) 859-6804.

Does your agency, organization, or group want to
work with Birthday Cakes 4 Free?  Please contact:
Community Relations Coordinator
Sandy Berkshier

Stephanie Flemming

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Birthday Cakes 4 Free Founder
Elicia Hammond (Watsonville, CA)